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After Air India, govt to disinvest BPCL, float LIC IPO by…

New Delhi: Following the profitable completion of the disinvestment of Air India, the federal government expects to hold out the divestment of BPCL within the present monetary 12 months. The federal government may even give you Preliminary Public choices (IPO) of Life Insurance coverage Firm (LIC) over the past quarter of this monetary 12 months.

Chatting with ANI, Secretary of Division of Funding and Public Asset Administration (DIPAM) Tuhin Kant Pandey mentioned: “LIC IPO will be a very major event. We are preparing hard for it and hopefully, we will be able to bring it out in the last quarter of the year.”


Bharat Petroleum Company Ltd (BPCL) is one other firm that’s on the divestment record of the federal government. Pandey mentioned that the federal government is anticipating disinvestment of BPCL within the final quarter as properly.

The DIPAM Secretary mentioned, “Due diligence process of BPCL is on. It is a very large company. So a lot of work is going on in the due diligence there, and we hope to conclude it as well.”

Pandey mentioned now we have acquired monetary bids for strategic divestment of Central Electronics Ltd (CEL) which may be the following firm to be disinvested.


Pandey mentioned “We have got the financial bid and the process now moves to the concluding stage. We do not know yet what are the offers or whether the offers would be good enough for us to disinvest. It is still sealed in the envelope. But, yes, the process has reached that stage of disinvestment.”

Highlighting the disinvestment goal of the Central authorities, Pandey mentioned, “We have a number of transactions which are ongoing. Strategic disinvestment has basically two parts. One is the first stage in which we invite the expression of interest and qualify people based on certain criteria, which are specified in the Expression of Interest. And after that the qualified bidders do in detail the due diligence on the companies through, you know, looking at the contracts, looking at the companies in greater detail, looking at their assets, and also the share purchase agreement which is a draft share purchase agreement which is given to them. Then the conditions are specified and final conditions are agreed upon, and thereupon everyone gets to see. Having seen the essence and seeing the data about the company, having done the due diligence and having agreed upon the final terms and conditions, we invite the bids in the RFP. After the bids are there, then we will determine the reserve price. And then we will open the bids to get it, and based on the highest bid we will choose the winning bidder. Thereafter the conditions will be satisfied and things will be closed. So this is the broad process. We have several transactions which are in an advanced stage, advanced stage of due diligence, and once the financial bids are obtained from them, thereafter we will move towards the concluding stage. So this is broadly it. We have got several transactions like Shipping Corporation of India, BEML, Nilanchal Ispat, Pawan Hans, Central Electronics. In fact, we have received their bid day before yesterday. So there, we hope that we would be able to close the transaction and transactions just carry on like a pipeline. And advanced stage… it can be done in April or May and June as well. So this is depending upon where the transaction is.”


The DIPAM secretary is assured of reaching the disinvestment goal set by the Centre for 2021-22 fiscal of Rs 1.75 lakh crore.

Pandey mentioned, “Our effort is to just carry on with the work and try to use the opportunities, whatever happens, and a lot depends upon the bidders. A lot depends upon the way they complete due diligence. There was an impact on us due to the second wave. We lost. You know, first quarter to leave. But now that things are back on track, we are confident that things will move forward. How much we will be able to do, only time will tell, but we are moving towards the closing of several transactions.”


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