In its third beta, Samsung’s One UI 5 (Android 13) mimics some of the customization options of Apple’s Lock Screen on iOS 16 while adding small elements of its own.

You know the drill: the smartphone market is highly competitive. So when one company has a good idea, it tends to be imitated by others. This is especially true for Apple, which has a special ability to set trends in this sector. The latest example comes from Samsung’s One UI 5 interface based on Android 13. In its beta 3, it takes some good inspiration from the Lock Screen of iOS 16.

This is what TechDroider explains in a video published on YouTube. In this video, we can enjoy a quick look at the new beta of One UI 5. If it is difficult to tax Samsung with the simple title of dishonorable copycat, the South Korean giant has clearly taken ideas seen on the lock screen of iPhones using the latest version of iOS.

Let’s say it right away, on this Samsung One UI 5 beta, and unlike iOS 16, no wallpaper element goes over the clock. The similarities are more subtle. Let’s start with the time display, which looks very similar to what we can see on Apple’s smartphones. And on One UI 5 Beta 3, as on iOS 16, a long press on this module provides access to customization options.

Five clock layouts are available on One UI 5 – compared to eight on iOS 16. You can also change the size, color or even the appearance of the numbers. In TechDroider’s video, the similarity between Samsung and Apple’s interfaces is obvious when the videographer holds the two devices side by side.