Nigerian Boy Stabbed Her Girlfriend to Death, claiming she cheated on him

Lekki, Lagos Nigeria (TNTP) — How on earth can someone butcher another fellow human being without the fear of God? I don’t know how this can be. A boyfriend in Lekki area of Lagos, Nigeria today killed his girlfriend after finding out she was cheating on him. The boy whose name withheld said that the lady was cheating on him and he caught her red-handed and the next thing for him to do was to make sure that she was erased from the earth. boy butcher girlfriend to death in NigeriaShe was accused of cheating on his boyfriend but  does that warrant a death by cutlass? I don’t think so. This is in-human and Nigerian Police and the world together need to come into action concerning this and the man should be brought to book.
boy butcher girlfriend to death before her death[this is her image before she was butchered by her hell no boyfriend]
Even, according to a reliable source from Nigeria, the man by name Nnamadia said, the man has been doing this to many girls and this isn’t his first time of butchering ladies in the area. Also, another source which we can’t say much about claims that the man was impotent and it is paining him a lot and that might be the reason for his action.


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  2. this is incredible, truly an in-human act.

  3. Unbeliveable it is evil and may God help us.

  4. Marius I find the kid and I say “Listen matey, in my country you have a good day if you don?? t wake up raped and stabbed to death.

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