Nigeria Removes Fuel Subsidy – Causes Strike and Protest from Masses

Authorities from Nigeria, the most populated African Country, have with immediate effect removed fuel subsidy.

Fuel subsidy in Nigeria has been sustaining the middle class citizen who majorly depends on petrol as source of electricity since the electricity condition of the country is nothing to write home about.

This action has caused unions to call for mass strikes and street protests.

In the view of Nigerians, the fuel subsidy is the only benefit they get from the national oil wealth – which is designed in part to hold petrol prices at 65 naira a liter ($0.40).

But in the view of the government officials and economists, removing the fuel subsidy is essential to allow for more spending on the poor and inadequate infrastructure of the country and to also reduce the pressure on its foreign reserves.

According to the government more than 7 billion USD was spent on fuel subsidies in 2011

Although the removal of  fuel subsidy has been in the discussions of the government for weeks in 2011, there was no prior warning to the masses that it would take effect on the 1st of January 2012.

The “formal removal of the subsidy on Premium Motor Spirit” was announced in a statement by the Petroleum Products Pricing Regulatory Agency (PPPRA).

“Petroleum products marketers are to note that no one will be paid a subsidy on PMS discharges after 1st January 2012,” said the statement bearing the signature of the agency’s executive director, Reginald Stanley.

The Trades Union Congress and Nigerian Labour Congress have called for mass action.

“We alert the populace to begin immediate mobilisation towards the D-Day for the commencement of the strikes, street demonstrations and mass protests across the country,” they said in a joint statement.

Due to corruption and mismanagement Nigeria refines very little of its crude notwithstanding being a major oil producer.

Therefore, it must import fuel even while it exports crude.

RTÉ News contributed to this article.

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7 Responses

  1. I love the removal of the subsidy cos there has never been a subsidy, its some pple that made it up as an avenue for embezling money.

  2. I don’t know dis will bring a permanent solution to Nigeria cos are we so sure that D President is not trying FOOL D entire Nigerians.? a zaga,are we in order or disorder?it was b4 Ghana must. are we not going to experienc Nigeria must ?Õ????

  3. The fuel subsidy is bringing comotion to the people. The poor hardly survive under this condition inwhich the of everything has raisen

  4. there is nothing like subsidy.our president and d government,they are all thieves.we are hungry,there is no solution 2 boko haram issues and now we are facing another problem of subsidy.lord our lives is in ur hands.

  5. Without the subsidy Nigerians are still paying less for fuel than the United States and also Europe! But the country as a whole is poor and some people live on as little as $2.00 dollars a day there, if fact it is a majority that live desperately poverty levels. With 165 million people in this small country, most of the population is out of work and there is no work. The country needs to get people to work not raise fuel prices at the moment! You cannot have a productive economy without jobs. Trading and Bartering is a main stay in many parts of the country. This new president Goodluck Johnathan has approached this delima with a serious consequence and maybe a huge up rival amongst the people of Nigeria. Nigerians that are educated are very smart people, but opportunity is far behind with the masses of the population. The president needs a job campaign to get the country to work. If there is no cash bartering needs to take a massive approach to feed the country. Most poor Nigerians don’t worry about anything else but hope and faith, as they have no money as a vehicle to propel their lives and better themselves. Food and clothing and shelter is what the majority need to even feel comfortable. Stress is a created and it seems that the government leaders have a mountainous situations that they don’t know how to control and make plans to eliminate hunger in the country. Jobs is what will propel the country to rise up, but you need reform of government to loosen tax, and give the people a opportunity to run there own businesses and learn how to purchase with some credit. This country doesn’t give credit to the people to start businesses and it needs to learn that you need to give to get something in return. Government is a public service and it should be treated only as this. These protest that are happening today, are good for the government leaders to re-evaluate the policies that they are creating. Maybe they need to get down and work with the poor and live on the street for a while and see what kind of demands the poor really need. No government can solve all man kinds problems, but this government has issued policies that never let the people have a vote upon either and raising cost of fuel at the moment with no other plans is detestable. Mr. Goodluck Johnathan also may not be totally responsible for these decisions also as government has many reasons for decisions that one leader may be involved in also. Nigeria we pray that you listen to your people as they have gone thru hundreds of years of oppression and they need relief, food, jobs, and shelter. If this new decision is not reversed soon, many thousands will die of starvation and crime and violence will rise. You cannot turn a society around over night, and this decision to bring infrastructure to this country isn’t the solution to Nigeria’s economic condition. You can fix the countries roads and many other things there, if the leaders got out there and organized this. There are millions in the country out of work, there not asking for lots of money, they need food, shelter, clothing, and water, that’s all till the country turns around this economy. We all need to pray that the leaders of this country change and start really listening to the people and use the income generated by the people to make change in the country.

  6. Pls let d email address should be publish cos he had a very gud point in wat he is saying nd also let d govt shuld help us d youth of dis country.also we hv d money bt it in d hand’s of few nd sum pple are taken billion of naira home every day nd d ar allowing us d youth 2 suffer pls let govt shuld try nd do sumtinz 4 dis country.

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