11 expensive luxury sport cars wrecked in Japan

On Sunday, 11 expensive luxury sport cars were wrecked in a road accident in Japan.

In the list of the 11 damaged cars were 8 Farraris, 1 Lamborghini, and two Mercedes all worth close to a million dollars.

According to police, the crash was caused when one of the Ferrari drivers hit the median barrier when trying to change lanes. The other drivers, trying to avoid hitting him, crashed into each other and wrecked all their expensive cars.

There was no serious injury but according to police, some 10 people were carried away to be treated for bruises and cuts. There were 14 cars all together.

The damage may sum up to a waste of $1 million because even a used Farrari in Japan could be worth a $100, 000 or more.

The police said some of the cars were damaged beyond repair, but the refused to comment on the total cost.

The accident happened in one place because the cars were being driven by a group of car enthusiasts on their way to nearby Hiroshima.

One of the drivers of the tow trucks brought to the scene was quoted by NTV saying that the scene was the most expensive accident he ever seen.

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